Benefits for Healthcare providers

healthcare groupHeat can significantly impact patient care. Imagine the comfort a patient will experience during chemotherapy or dialysis treatments as blood thins and warmth is provided. Small comforts during difficult times resonate with patients.

An added benefit to being able to provide the comfort of warmth to your patients is that it enhances your hospital’s or clinics’ overall environment. This provides your facility with a “competitive” edge over other treatment facilities – leading to increased revenue. If a patient knows they will be more comfortable at your facility, they will continue to use your facility for treatment. Repeat and referral business will add to the bottom line.

As a cancer survivor himself, Check Corporation founder, Bob Check craved the comfort of a heated chair and a warm blanket during his chemotherapy treatments. Inspired, he set out to change the way patient care was handled.
A hospital cannot operate effectively without critical funds and profitability. Research indicates, patient satisfaction positively correlates with a healthcare facility’s return on investment (ROI).

Your staff is your greatest asset and often most expensive. Skilled nurses are constantly working to improve patient care, but are often bogged down by simple comfort needs – such as dispensing warm blankets. Check products allow your nurses to free up time and focus on other critical tasks.

Benefits for Manufacturers

manufacturersCheck Corporation is a supplier partner to numerous manufacturers in the healthcare, automotive, agricultural, motorcycle, and marine seating industries. Check’s longevity in the flexible heating industry is also matched by their expertise; making them the leading supplier of flexible heating systems to these markets. Check’s products have given all of their manufacturing partners an extra, value-added product that they can offer their customers, which, in turn, allows them to increase revenue. Now, you, too, as a manufacturing partner to the healthcare industry, can increase your revenue by adding a Check HealthCare heat only, or heat-and-massage system to the medical recliners you supply to hospitals and clinics.

By offering your recliners with these comfort enhancing products, your customers will see the benefits through repeat patient visits and referrals, and, you will gain an edge over your competition when it comes time for the hospitals and clinics to re-order their furniture.

Check Corp’s flexible heating elements can be uniquely manufactured to best fit your chairs or other products. All heat-and-massage recliner systems are developed and manufactured in Check Corp’s ISO 9001 certified factory located in Troy, MI. Each electrical medical device product is certified UL 60601-1. Start a conversation on how Check Corp can help you increase your bottom line!

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